About Us

Hello, friends, my name is Raj. I love gaming and gaming-related news and all types of technical things. I am a professional graphic designer & right now working as a full-time freelancer yet I started blogging in 2020. Besides that, I have my own YouTube channel where I regularly upload gaming-related content.

The Motive

I created The Desi Gamer website for sharing what is new in the gaming world & as fast as I can. If you want to get some information related to gaming and technology, you can text me in the comment section below. I will be happy to help you.

“I’m the hero of a thousand stories. I’m a superhero, an assassin a soldier. I’ve slain dragons and traveled through portals. I am a spartan, a commander. A king. I’ve saved a thousand worlds and countless more lives. What am I? I’m a gamer.”